Welcome to RailNovation, Switzerland

RailNovation is established in 2020 with the aim to improve sustainable transport landscapes around the globe.

Specialized on transport infrastructure and managed by experienced senior experts of the most environmental friendly mode of transportation, the rail industry.

RailNovation is offering you support in identifying investment opportunities in the industry, support your M&A teams and secure sustainable and profitable management in the post M&A phase. In collaboration with investors we understand us as well as an incubator for innovations in the rail industry and beyond in maritime, air and road transportation to improve the transport efficiency.

With our experts we offer you tailor-made solutions and consultancy in your investment or divestment projects, from offering experts as team members in investment and M&A teams up to being an industrial investor.

Based on longterm executive experience we manage and realign companies towards successful operations.

The holding company RailNovation Holding AG and the operating company RailNovation GmbH is based in Bottighofen, Switzerland.

The Company is managed by Jan Christoph Harder, Owner and CEO and Olga Harder, Board member/Verwaltungsrat and Managing Director.